What If You Could Put Your Brand On Every Email

…and Users Could Trust It’s You?

Brand Indicators Will Do Just That

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is an industry-wide standards effort that will use brand logos as indicators to help people avoid fraudulent email, while giving marketers a huge new opportunity to put their brands in front of consumers for free.

The brandindicators.org website was created and is maintained by Agari, a member of the Authindicators Working Group, but it welcomes contributions from anyone. The group has published a draft standard here.

How BIMI Makes Your Brand Stand Out in Email

Learn How BIMI Works

“For a BIMI logo to be able to be displayed, the sender needs to be authenticated DMARC, SPF and DKIM for us to trust that source. Then, the brand needs to publish the logo in the DNS record.”

Marcel Becker
Director Product Management
Oath (Verizon, Yahoo, AOL)

“Groupon relies on social media, messaging applications and email to help local businesses attract and retain customers. By increasing consumer confidence in the authenticity of our messages, we believe brand indicators will increase response rates, magnifying the power and reach of our marketing efforts.” Groupon
“Protecting the privacy and information security of customers is central to Aetna’s mission. By showing our customers which emails and other messages they can trust, we believe brand indicators will make it easier to communicate with our customers while making them more resistant to phishing and other fraudulent emails.” Aetna
“Progressive businesses recognize that the right security enables their highest-revenue digital initiatives. BIMI is a clear example of moving cybersecurity from the cost to the benefits column, exposing millions of users to brand logos every day.” Agari
“This is a win-win situation; the brand has better exposure, better control of their logo, higher engagement on the consumer side, it’s more secure and Yahoo can authenticate emails in our system.” Yahoo
"Companies depend on email to communicate with their users and customers and can't afford to have their emails wrongly blocked or inadvertently ignored. BIMI, which builds on DMARC email security, gives users something they've always wanted - a brand indicator in the email client. Additionally, because BIMI is based on DMARC it very nicely aligns Marketing and Security goals so that now the CSO and CMO are working toward the same end.” SparkPost
"We consistently seek ways to enhance the Wish experience - and we’ve done it again! We are excited to be an early adopter of a new technology standard called Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). BIMI will increase the security of our communications to our customers, and also improve the customer experience with our email messages." Wish

Why Brand Indicators?

Brand Impression

Every time you send an email, you are guaranteed your logo will be displayed in the preview pane and near the “from” line

Trusted Communications

When users see your logo, they’ll trust the email and be more likely to do respond to your email and do business with you.

Stop Phishing

Brand Indicators will authenticate the sender of the email using an existing standard (DMARC) before displaying your logo.

How Do You Get Started with Brand Indicators?

The BIMI working group draft standard requires DMARC Authentication to be in place for mail receivers to show brand logos. The Yahoo Mail Pilot that is currently underway requires a DMARC policy of Reject or Quarantine in place on your domains before showing a logo. Get Started today by creating a free DMARC policy and publishing your BIMI logo in DNS.

Step 1
Learn about DMARC with
"Getting Started with DMARC" Guide
Step 2
Check your DMARC
Status with Agari
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Sign up for a Free
Trial with Agari
Step 4
Join the BIMI Beta