Better Brand Logos, Better Security

The mail teams at Oath are always looking at new ideas and features to enhance our consumer mail products we offer under the Yahoo and AOL brands. Our goal is to build the best mail experience for our users helping them to manage their mailboxes. While we strive to be the leader in that space, we realize that there are a lot of opportunities to collaborate with our friends and partners in the industry. We constantly work with other mail providers and senders on making email more secure as well as identifying opportunities which will help all of us to provide an even better experience for all consumers.

One such initiative is called BIMI,​ which is short for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. It provides a standard way for companies to publish their brand logos online, in order to improve confidence and trust between application users and brands. Mail applications like Yahoo Mail may then leverage those logos to display them alongside messages.

By creating a standard that ensures the correct brand logo is displayed, BIMI improves on the tools currently used by Yahoo Mail and others by putting control back in the hands of brands.

In addition to the benefits to brands, users using applications showing BIMI logos can be sure to trust emails accompanied by their official brand indicator.

As displaying a BIMI logo requires the sender to authenticate their emails using DMARC​ to prevent spoofing, we hope it will encourage even more senders to leverage those standards and increase overall email security and reduce phishing.

Starting this week Oath will join a pilot, which will show BIMI logos of participating brands in our Yahoo Mail apps on the desktop as well as on mobile devices.

Visit the working group site at​ for more information about the proposed standard and how to join the pilot.

You may also reach out directly to us personally at​



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